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PayLead’s loyalty solution integrates seamlessly into the banking applications of leading banks with our API. We collect, clean and enrich all the relevant data from transactions and provide clients with an automatic cash reward experience. Consenting users get access to personalized offers.

Reliable solution with proven results.

We have been able to increase the purchasing power of our customers, which was the core value proposition we committed to in the partnership with PayLead. Since we launched the offer, we have seen a steady increase of at least 30% in the number of rewards generated month over month. Héloïse Beldico-Pachot Chief Marketing Officer
With PayLead, we've created a wow effect overnight by unveiling a new feature that contains over a hundred brands across all sectors, sending money back into their account, effortlessly, every time they buy from one of these brands. It's rare to succeed in creating a long-term wow effect... With PayLead, we can truly say that we help our users save money on a daily basis. Raphaëlle Dessein Head of Retention at Bankin'
The simplicity of the rewards experience provided by PayLead was a key factor in the decision to implement their solution. The user experience is always the priority, so any additional features or services we provide must be up to par and continue to meet the high standards our users expect from us. Cyril Chiche CEO of Lydia

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