The power of Payment Marketing.

Target customers based on their purchase behaviours and drive true incremental sales.

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PayLead has developed
a Payment Marketing platform allowing marketers to:


Drive online and in-store sales

Partner with Europe's leading banks and personal finance apps as they increase in usage and user engagement. Access untapped audiences of digital banking users, and drive online and in-store incremental sales.


Target key customers segments

Win new customers, increase purchase frequency, or ticket size, and take market share from competitors. Analyze consumer transaction history including purchases with competing brands to target prospective customers that fit your marketing strategy and business objectives.


Keep control of brand safety

We work with leading brands in a vast banking and fintech ecosystem. Decide which banks and personal finance apps you want to partner with. Never appear in any other environment or affiliated sub-networks.


Track & optimize sales performances

Track results and analyze sales reports from every targeted customer segment. View detailed metrics including, incremental sales, ROI at a glance, and get data-driven insights from your success manager. Receive alerts and manage your budget without any surprises.


Only pay for results

Define specific cost-per-sale commission levels for each segment you wish to drive sales from. Only spend your marketing budget when recognized sales have been generated.


Avoid any technical implementation

Send us a list of your retail locations with a few basic details and our data processing engines will take care of the rest. We use a cookie-free tracking technology without the need for technical implementation.

Support at every stage

We set up your PayLead Cube account and make it easy

Whether you’re hands-on or not we can adapt the experience to your preferences and manage the details for you as needed. Become a PayLead Cube power user and start using Payment Marketing to reach your sales targets.


Pay for success model


Set a budget cap

No licence, no set up fees, set a budget and never spend more than your limit.


Define a cost per sale

select a unique percentage commission to reward every type of sale.


Pay for results

Only pay when people from our loyalty programs purchase from your shops or your online store.

We are trusted and award-winning

PayLead's technologies are a revolution for Retail. For the first time, physical retail networks have more powerful data than e-commerce to activate sales and boost traffic in points of sale. Theo Lelievre Head of Business development

Large retailer network with 8500+ PoS

Innovation is really at the heart of the company's strategy. When PayLead came to see us, and we left the meeting, we told ourselves that it was surprisingly disruptive and that we had to test it: We certainly saw the results! Virginia Fernet Head of Customer and Digital Marketing Department

Significant change in purchasing behavior.

Value for retailers

Start using our Payment Marketing platform and unlock the power of banking data for retail. Talk to your most valuable prospects and increase your sales, both online and in-store.